Quote of the Day

11 Dec 2008

Nobaody chooses to fail, but many people fail because the make the wrong choices. So watch your CHOICES (JG)

Posted by Teng Un

15th Aug 2008


if B is BIG, can have lots of water. So INCREASE B (C+R) and MORE money will come! (J Gwee)

                                                    posted by Un

Punya web/blog bisa dapat duit kayak ADSENSE

8 Jan 2008

Practice hope. As hopefulness becomes a habit, you can achieve a permanently happy spirit.” — Norman Vincent Peale


1 des 2007

“anda harus belajar merangkak sebelum bisa berjalan, anda harus belajar berjalan sebelum bisa berlari”

Segala sesuatu butuh proses seiring dengan berlalunya waktu, masalahnya ANDA mau menghabiskan berapa lama melalui proses tersebut. Inilah yang membedakan Orang Sukses dan GAGAL. Sesungguhnya Bukan kegagalan yang anda alami tetapi sudah TIMe UP – waktu anda sudah habis. (Un)

30 Nop 2007

“The most important thing I learned was that business is not about getting all your moves right. It’s about learning all the wrong moves you made so that you’ll never make them again. The one thing that differentiates blog advertising with advertising on other online mediums is that if you use blogs correctly and with enough planning, you can create hype and, most importantly, measure the hype at the end of a campaign. In the past we have planned and executed campaigns for Nike, Honda, Unilever, and our latest one with HUGO, all which have created tremendous hype in the blogging community.” (Timothy)


29 Nop 2007

If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, then you are already doing the WRONG thing! Successful people really ENJOY what they DO. (JamesGwee)

Jika anda tidak suka/senang atas apa yang telah anda lakukan, sesungguhnya anda telah melakukan hal yang salah, Orang-orang Sukses selalu enjoy dengan apa yang mereka lakukan.


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